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The Fondazione Filantropica Sidival Fila (Non-profit philanthropic foundation Sidival Fila) was created by Father Sidival Fila, Franciscan friar and artist, who decided to use his art to give a positive contribution to the future of many children and young people in need from all over the world.

Main goals of the Foundation: to support charity organizations, to develop new projects focused on childcare, on rescuing neglected children, adopting them and supporting them during their growth and education.

To enhance the support of charity projects, the Foundation aims at managing, preserving, and disseminating its Heritage and raising awareness on Sidival Fila’s work, acting as representative and point of reference for the promotion of arts and culture in general, to foster the human and cultural development of new generations.

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Introduction on the history of the Foundation

The Fondazione Filantropica Sidival Fila was created in July 2021, when the artist donated about 100 artworks to the Foundation, a gesture that gave the newborn institution a significant initial Heritage to be used to support the social solidarity projects that are its core objective.


The creation of the Foundation follows the same personal path that Father Sidival Fila has paved since the very beginning of his artistic practice, when the first works

sold were used to provide an economic support to underprivileged people, with a special eye on children and young people and their different life conditions in different places in the world.

Purpose of the Foundation

As stated in the Charter, the Foundation is non-profit and only pursues social solidarity objectives. Its activities aim at achieving the chartered goals, including: to promote and safeguard human rights and dignity of people who are underprivileged due to their particular physical, psychic, financial, social or family conditions; to counter any forms of discrimination and marginalization, following the solidarity and social equity principles, and focusing in particular to the on-site support for the associations dealing with projects on childcare, and the rescue and adoption of neglected children.

Board of directors

President and Founder

Br. Sidival Fila


Board of directors

His Eminence José Tolentino Calaça de Mendonça

Br.  Fabio Catenacci

Br. Mauro Zannin

Cristiano Grisogoni

Giorgio Grisogoni



Luigi Federici

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