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Dear Sidival, how should we approch a work of art today?

“This is a tricky question! First of all, I want to clarify my point of view on art: art is human participation, and I believe its function is to be at the service of human thinking and reflection.

The role of the artist is defined by the ability to grasp the mystery of nature and mankind, more than their technical proficiency.

Artists do not create something new but they highlight aspects of reality, bringing them to the attention of the beholder.

If the artist is the one who indicates a direction, then the observer must be ready to grasp that signal, to be part of a dialogue in which they are called upon to assume an active listening role.

The silence you can feel around a painting is an invitation to listen. That is why I like to say that works should not be seen, but listened to!

However, mutual listening works only if you are able to approach a piece of art with a disposition of mind and without any prevarication; the physical availability of the work can be the first step towards a deeper understanding of the work itself, an access key to open the portal of the artist's personal interpretation”.

Sidival Fila


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