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Dear Sidival, what is inspiration in art for you?

Inspiration is the search for an authentic language to express my own essence. This is challenging because each of us has an inner world rich with thoughts and emotions, but finding the right way to share it can be so difficult.

I remember an episode when a friend told me: "You can articulate what I feel but can't express." That's the essence of inspiration: the ability to translate feelings.

In poetry, inspiration may come suddenly, giving the poet a chance to use metaphorical or symbolic language. In the visual arts, on the other side, the inspiration is not as immediate as in the poetic sphere.

My artistic process isn't strictly linked to what I see or think. It involves encountering an object or matter and feeling that substance holds a power, a meaning, and a strength, a lived experience deeply connected with my soul.

In my opinion, artistic inspiration means creating the conditions for material to authentically tell its story.



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